SEATTLE -- The Seattle police department opened their training facilities to the community Saturday to answer questions about police procedure and what it is like to be an officer.

Officer Chris Lang said residents only hear about a fraction of what the department sees.

We are at over 375,000 events for the year. You probably have heard about a thousand at the most, said Lang.

Bernda Bacani, a Senior deputy prosecuting attorney, was among a group of Seattle residents who spent their Saturday watching police videos of arrests and going through a computer simulation where they decide what to do when a suspect is being combative.

Lang showed one video from an incident that happened just after midnight on August 30, 2008 near Pioneer Square. A woman wandered into the middle of the street with a gun. As she swayed from side to side she had the gun pointed toward her head. She did not say a word as an officer told her to put the gun down.

You've got to make your decision, Lang told the class. What would you do?

In the 2008 case, the officer did not shoot, but instead took a risk and ran toward the suspect. The officer was able to get the gun away from the woman.

I can not imagine being in that position, said Amber Campbell, who operates a blog called the Rainier Valley Post.

Fourteen people attended SPD's One Day Community Academy. You can learn more about the program here:

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