Sea-Tac International Airport is in the top ten for airports where Transportation Security Administration employees have been fired for allegedly stealing from passengers.

The list of airports was obtained from the TSA by ABC News through a Freedom of Information Act request. The TSA has reportedly fired nearly 400 employees for allegedly stealing from travelers.

Sea-Tac Airport is tied for eighth with Newark Liberty and Philadelphia International airports. Each have reported 12 firings for alleged theft.

The top 20 (number of thefts per airport in parentheses):

1. Miami International (29)

2. JFK International (27)

3. Los Angeles International (24)

4. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International (17)

5. Las Vegas-McCarren International (15)

t6. Dallas/Fort Worth International (14)

t6. New York-Laguardia (14)

t8. Sea-Tac International (12)

t8. Newark Liberty (12)

t8. Philadelphia International (12)

11. Orlando International (11)

t12. Houston-George Bush Intercontinental (10)

t12. Salt Lake City International (10)

14. Washington Dulles International (9)

t15. Detroit Metro (7)

t15. New Orleans International (7)

t17. Boston-Logan International (6)

t17. Denver International (6)

t17. San Diego International (6)

20. Chicago O'Hare International (5)

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