BOISE -- A lot of Boise State's attention comes from the success on the football field. Now the school reached a major milestone when it comes to attendance. That s a good sign not only for the school, but for the Boise Community.

Earlier this week, Boise State announced its largest enrollment ever, over 22,000. That's a huge jump. Now the concern President Bob Kustra has is growth.

On this Blackout Homecoming weekend, alumni look around and see a big change from the old days.

The big change I've seen here, other than the population, is all the athletics have kind of taken over, said Steve Swanson a Boise State Alumni.

The old days back when it was Boise Junior College.

I was majoring in pre-med in those days, said John Parish. And what do you do now? asked Scott Evans. Well, I'm a retired banker.

Parish, who graduated in 1962, 50 years ago, remembers when there were only a handful of buildings on campus.

The gym, the administration building, the science building, and there's a building over here that was the student union, which I think today is the music building, said Parish. And then the old wood stadium, but that's where I spent most of my time, in those three buildings.

Just as the times have changed - so have the seasons.

We've had season tickets here since the wood stadium. I still have splinters in my rear end from that stadium, said Parish.

Boise State has come a long way since those days.

It started with the Fiesta Bowl of 2007, said Boise State President Dr. Bob Kustra. At that Fiesta Bowl we looked at each other we said it's time that we find a way to spin the success of this football program across to the rest of the university, said Dr. Bob Kustra.

Now the largest public University in the state, Kustra is excited to have over 20,000 students for the first time in history.

It's really exciting to see this year and our first year class, 38 percent of our students, in the first year of class, are from out of state, and they're bringing revenue with them, and they're bringing excitement with them, said Kustra.

Kustra hopes that excitement stays in the valley.

When we recruit people from across the country, across the west, they come in here to study, many of them don't go, whatever was home, this becomes home and it adds to the economy, said Kustra.

With 22,678 students enrolled, Kustra doesn't want to stop there.

People are coming from all over the state to enjoy this incredible undergraduate experience, said Kustra.

Kustra says the State Board of Education wants BSU to serve as many in-state students as possible, so when it comes to an enrollment goal, Kustra won't put a number on it.

By the way, the largest university in the state is BYU-Idaho with over 28,000 students enrolled.
It's a private school that Kustra says works closely with BSU to provide students with graduate opportunities that aren't found at the Rexburg campus.

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