NORTHFORK, Idaho -- U.S. Forest Service personnel say an abandoned bear cub they've named Boo Boo was injured in a wildfire, and likely lost it's mother.

A fisherman discovered the lone bear cub wandering the remote trails near a popular raft put-in about 30 miles west of Salmon, Idaho.

The bear was later discovered in a douglas fir tree.

Conservation officers say the bear's paws were blistered with second-degree burns that likely came from the Mustang Complex Fire.

A fire crew searched for the cub's mother with no success. Conservation officers say they captured the little bear because it looked obviously weak.

U.S. Forest Service conservation officer Justin Williams estimated that the 20 to 25 pound cub had not eaten in 4 to 5 days.

When you have a 150,000 acre fire, there's bound to be wildlife interaction, said Williams.

Chris Gaughan, Regional Wildlife Biologist for Idaho Fish and Game in Salmon, brought the bear to state veterinarian, Dr. Mark Drew for examination at the Garden Valley Ranger Station.

Drew is expected to assess the bear, and may transport it to a different wildlife treatement center.

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