OMG! My tween s fingers are glued to her cell phone. Sometimes it seems she d rather text than have a conversation with the person standing in front of her,especially if that person is me. These text conversations with her friends can go on for hours. Wouldn t it be easier to pick up the phone and call or invite your friend over? Don t get me wrong, I m a proficient texter myself, but I d much rather see my friends in person or chat on the phone.

Professors at Stanford University are raising concerns that kids who are so dialed into technology may have a tough time picking up on social cues. Dr. Clifford Nass says Kids have much less emotional control than they used to. We see them stumped by social situations.When kids are together their ability to just organize and do things is tougher, parents have to intervene.

A separate study found that more than half of children and teens who text or surf the net at bedtime are likely to have sleep problems. Researchers say that affects their mood and behavior the next day. The study found a teenager sends more than 34-hundred electronic messages at bedtime, every month. Now that's something to lose sleep over! One solution we've tried at my house, no cell phones or computers are allowed in the bedroom at bedtime. Instead, we have a charging station set up in the kitchen. It seems to be working!

T2YL (that s texting lingo for Talk to you Later)

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