FRUITLAND, Idaho -- A Fruitland family is staying in a motel after a fire destroyed their mobile home and killed 14 of their dogs on Saturday.

Karen McCombs says her husband, son and 18 dogs lived in the single-wide trailer.

Everything is gone. Everything, said Karen McCombs.

Karen and Robert McCombs say they ran Dachshund Idaho Rescue out of their small trailer. McCombs says she formed the non-profit group in 2003.

It was the way that we could do the rescue by living in a cheap, inexpensive, single-wide mobile home, said Karen McCombs.

The couple says since they started their rescue group they've helped more than 200 dachshunds.

I love these dogs, said Karen McCombs.

But on Saturday they could only rescue four of the dogs they were trying to save.

It was just so fast moving. I tried to reach in but I couldn't, said Karen McCombs.

Karen McCombs said her husband got second degree burns trying to rescue the dogs. He also suffered from smoke inhalation.

In all, the family saved three dachshunds and an akita. Karen McCombs said the other 14 dogs died from smoke inhalation.

The Payette Fire Department says the cause of the fire is undetermined. But Chief Steve Castenada told us it started on the porch in a plastic bucket filled with cigarettes butts.

Robert McCombs told us he and his son smoke on the porch but said they were inside when the fire started. I hadn't been out there for two and a half, three hours and my son hadn't been out there.

The Idaho Red Cross is assisting the family. Their motel room in Ontario is paid for until the 17th.

Two of the surviving dogs are with the family at the hotel, the other two are with their daughter and a friend.

The McCombs are trying to find a new home. At this point, they don't know what will happen to their rescue group.

I don't know if we are going to continue with it, said Robert McCombs.

Idaho Dachshund Rescue is a registered non-profit with the state of Idaho. However, the Idaho Humane Society says they have never sent dogs to the rescue group because it does meet their criteria.

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