With the Cherry Point Refinery back on track and producing fuel, Washington's gas prices have tumbled an average of eight cents in the last week.

Across the board, gas prices have dropped by one or two cents a day in Washington. They are lower in all the state's major cities over the last 24 hours, but the biggest difference is seen in gas prices compared to last week.

Around Seattle on Friday, drivers will pay an average of $4.27 a gallon, which still seems like a lot. But it's seven cents lower than what we were paying a week ago at $4.34.

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The city that has seen the biggest drop in gas prices in the last week is Olympia. It went from paying $4.34 last week to $4.21 a gallon today. Tacoma prices have also dipped significantly lower, with a difference of 11 cents over the last week.

Spokane drivers have seen the smallest drop in prices, but they still have gas that's less than $4 a gallon. Drivers there paid about $3.96 last week and are now paying $3.94.

Even in Bellingham, where gas prices are known to be some of the highest in Washington, gas is down from $4.45 last week to $4.37 this week.

Some attribute the lower prices to the reopening of the Cherry Point Refinery, one of the largest oil refineries on the West Coast. The plant had been offline since February when an inferno stopped production.

Still, Senator Maria Cantwell has called for an investigation into Washington's gas prices, now the third highest in the U.S. behind Alaska and Hawaii. This week she called on the Federal Trade Commission look into the matter, citing that today's prices are only barely lower than the 2008 record high of $4.35 a gallon.

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