Are you one of those helicopter parents who constantly hovers over your kid's every move. They have to grow up some time but it s tough to have peace of mind when you let them go out into this big bad world. Nationally acclaimed parenting and safety expert Alison Rhodes, aka Safety Mom, visited the NWCN studio to talk about some of the challenges parents face. She also shared some high tech tools you can use to keep tabs on your kids on line, at home, or on the go. One that blew my mind is a sensor you can put on the liquor cabinet. It alerts you if the kids open it while you re away from home. And how many times have your children forgotten to call you when they get home from school to let you know they're safe and sound? Now you can sign up to receive an automatic text the moment they walk in the door. Watch the video clip to see more. Here are some of the links to safety tools mentioned in the interview.

True Care- helps you monitor your child's online and social media activity

MOTOsafety- device that monitors your teen's driving behavior and vehicle location

ADT Pulse- remote security and home management systems

Safety Mom- expert on safety, wellness and healthy living for children and families

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