Why did Osama Bin Laden get killed, my five year old asked after hearing about it on the playground. The news of Osama Bin Laden's death is everywhere. And if you have young children it can be tough to talk to them about it. My kids certainly had some interesting questions for me. offers a few ideas on how to handle the conversation with your kids. They say, first of all, figure out how much your child has heard at school and from friends. Once you know what your kids know, you can correct any misinformation. And keep the message simple. Tell them that Bin Laden hurt a lot of people and when you hurt other people you get punished. Experts say around third or fourth grade kids begin to understand the finality of death. So, less may be more when you re dealing with younger children.

What are your kids saying about Osama Bin Laden s death? Please share your comments below.

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