Food fanatic?

With childhood obesity rates through the roof, it's clear we need to do a better job of watching what our kids eat. In my house we try to include at least three servings of fruits and vegetables in the lunch boxes each day. I may pack a small treat or chips on the occasional Friday.

It's not easy to maintain when your kid is sitting at the table with a friend who's plowing through a bag of Cheetos every day. But diabetes is as common in my family as brown hair and brown eyes, so I know it's important to teach my children about eating healthy now.

This week we caught up with a mom who some people may argue takes things to the extreme. She keeps her kids on a strict diet of egg whites for breakfast, fish oil supplements, no sugar during the school week. She fought to ban cupcakes in class and she has boycotted Girl Scout cookies. I have to admit those peanut butter sandwich cookies are one of my guilty pleasures. Anyway, she says her efforts have paid off.

Last year her kids never missed a day of school because of illness and they get straight A's. She also insists they exercise an hour everyday. What do you think? Is she on the right track? Share your ideas for keeping your kids healthy.

Get it together

Juggling five schedules is no joke. And my 7-year-old son has a busier social life than I do - much busier, considering I don't have a social life.

We are a wall calendar/post-it note family. You're liable to find those little yellow squares stuck to every wall in my house with reminders and lists and phone numbers.

My colleague Cam Johnson shared a website that helps her family keep it all together. It's called, a free online organizer that helps her stay on track with appointments, homework, family schedules and more. It has an electronic grocery list, a to do list, and even an online family journal. It's like a hub for all of your family and household business. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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