BOISE -- A popular Christmas light display in Boise is quite a bit smaller this year. Owners of a home on West Quail Point Court in the foothills decided not to put up their famous display in 2010.

For 20 years, Dave and Connie Lamarque put up a Christmas display in front of their home. Usually, a crew of two people would start putting up lights in October and would work full-time for six weeks. In 2009, the Lamarques had around half a million lights and paid about $1,500 for their December electric bill.

This year, the Lamarques decided to significantly downsize their display. Their yard display is simply a nativity scene and a few lights.

Connie Lamarque said the family wanted to put more emphasis on celebrating the birthday of Jesus. Dave Lamarque said in a 2009 interview their very first decoration was a plastic nativity scene, and they added to that decoration each year. For 2010, it's back to that basic first element.

Lamarque also says it's an issue of economics, and they decided not to spend the money on setting up and running a giant display in 2010.

Connie Lamarque said it is sad for the family, but they felt the simple display was more fitting for the season. She added the big display might be back in 2011.

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