COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho-- The woman accused of beating and severely neglecting her twin grand-daughters stood before a judge Wednesday and asked to be let out of jail to take care of her pets and her overdue library books.

Ruth Cassidy asked for mercy. But it had nothing to do with her grandchildren.

The only thing I ask is the ability to take care of my animals. I have library books that are due, said Cassidy.

She even pleaded to get out of jail. Cassidy and her daughter are in jail after police found the girls covered in bruises and feces. Coeur d'Alene Police did not charge Cassidy immediately. They thought the child abuse came solely from her daughter, Elisabeth Crossley. Once the twin girls were examined by doctors, police say Cassidy had to have known about it.

Police found Ruth Cassidy's granddaughters naked, dehydrated and covered in excrement at her and her daughter's apartment in Coeur d'Alene Sunday. Her daughter is also in jail charged with injury to a child. Despite the allegations, Cassidy pleaded with the judge to release her.

At one point, Cassidy did appear to get choked up. She said she is not trying to run away from the responsibility to her family, or the charges against her. Without hesitation, the judge ignored her pleas and set her bond at $25,000. Cassidy is expected to enter a plea sometime in the next two weeks. Her grandchildren are now safe in the custody of the state.

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