CASCADE - About 100 homes were evacuated on Thursday because of the Hurd fire burning near Cascade.

As of 9 p.m. Thursday, the Cascade Ranger District reported the 900-acre fire was 10 percentcontained.

The ranger district says the fire grew to the north from 500 acres to 900 acres.

No homes have been damaged and no oneinjured. About 725 people are working to fight the fire.

Several people who were evacuated stayed with family, friends or in hotels Thursday night.

We were told we had to get out this morning about 8 a.m., and we had no time to even pack up our four-wheelers. We just packed food. We did manage to get our little tiny trailer out with us so we can at least camp, said Kay Jacobs, who was evacuated.

Jacobs is just one of about 100 homeowners who evacuated on Thursday because their home was in the path of the fire.

We left our well water on and our hoses out and we told the fire people so if they want to use our water their welcome to. We left everything unlocked so they could help us save our home. said Jacobs.

But not everyone was asked to evacuate, many like Caroline Myrick and Don Paul Josephsen are waiting on standby.

We'll I'm just waiting for the winds to shift or to get a warning from the sheriff that it's time to pack up and get out of here, saidMyrick.

I'm banking on luck. I'm banking on pure luck that it's not going to come this far. Because it's got quite a ways, it's got a couple valleys to crossover before it hits right here, saidJosephsen. I'm a 34-year-old boy, I'm thinking like a 34-year-old boy probably. I should be thinking more responsibly, but like I said, there's quite a distance. And you know, two miles away but I think I'm gonna be okay.

But if the winds shift and notice is given, both are willing to drop everything and leave.

We'll definitely be up all night waiting to see what's going on because between level2, which means pack up your stuff, and level3 can be as fast as 10-15 minutes like it was this morning for the people who live in Hurd Creek, said Myrick.

I am concerned but I don't think it's going to be a huge risk, said Josephsen.

Most of the evacuees are staying with friends or family in the Valley County area.

The Red Cross has set up a temporary shelter at the Cascade Community Church to help displaced residents.

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