PORTLAND -- Car trouble didn t stop a Portland resident from collecting his prize after he realized he d won Oregon s 4th of July Raffle.

Tracy O Meara received a call from a friend encouraging him to check his ticket after the winning numbers were announced on July 1. O Meara got his list of numbers, and started comparing. He said the tickets were in a sealed envelope, and he d written their numbers on the outside of the envelope.

The winning number for the top prize was 195945 and O Meara was astonished when he realized he had a perfect match.

Next on O Meara s list of things to do was getting to the Lottery office in Salem, to pick up his prize. That s where O Meara s sister, Shawn, played a big part. My car had broken down, so I called my sister to get a ride, O Meara said.

Shawn was a little worried when O Meara left a message asking her to call back because of an emergency. She felt much better when she found out what was going on. I thought the drawing was actually on July 4. I wasn t sure what he was talking about at first, said Shawn.

They arrived at the Lottery office around 3:30 pm, and O Meara received an actual prize check in the amount of $670,013.50, after state and federal taxes were withheld.

O Meara said a new car tops his list of new items he plans to buy with the prize money and he might buy a house, too.

O Meara s winning ticket was purchased at a North Plains Chevron.

Tickets for the 4th of July Raffle went on sale Sunday, May 16. There were 250,000 tickets available, and the tickets were completely sold out in 14 days.

Prizes for the popular Oregon Lottery Raffle games include the $1 million top prize, ten $20,000 prizes and one-thousand $100 prizes.

A complete list of all 1,011 winning Raffle numbers can be found on the Lottery s Web site at Players can also check their Raffle tickets at any Oregon Lottery retail location.

Up next is the Lottery s 2010 Thanksgiving Raffle. Ticket sales begin at 5 a.m. on Sept. 26. The Thanksgiving Raffle will double the number of prizes, meaning two $1 million prizes, twenty $20,000 prizes, and two-thousand $100 prizes will be available for players to win. The ticket price will remain $10. There will be 500,000 tickets available for sale.

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