KELLOGG, Idaho -- The fight is escalating in Kellogg. It is all over an American flag, a memorial and some upset veterans. Police are considering issuing trespassing citation to a group of angry veterans who removed a tree flag from city property. They then put up the American flag. As of Thursday night, there is no flag flying on the pole.

Now city council claims the dispute is getting out of hand. One city council member says a couple of veterans threatened to shoot members of the council. Around 1 p.m. Wednesday, some people in town took down a tree city flag and put up an American flag. The chief of police says those people may be cited with trespassing.Around 6 a.m. Thursday morning, the city came and took the flag down.

City council member Dennis Norris says the council has no intention to offend the veterans.

We had a veteran or two that threatened to shoot the council and the mayor. Now we kind of took that personal. That's above and beyond. I would like to express the old adage, You can't fight city hall. But that adage is completely untrue. You can fight city hall but you cannot do it in this manner threatening to shoot somebody, said Norris.

People upset about the flag have signed a recall petition in an effort to remove the city council and the mayor. The city council is expected to have a meeting on Monday to make a final decision about what will fly on the flagpole.

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