BOISE -- Policesays a hit and run driver is responsible for a multi-vehicle accident at Glenwood and State streets in Boise.

The accident occurred around 10 a.m. Police say the driver of a Subaru was northbound on Glenwood and clipped anothertwo cars near Riverside Drive. The male driver kept going and then swerved into oncoming traffic at the busy intersection of Glenwood and State.

The Subaru collided with two trucks and a mini-van at the intersection, creating a big pile up and traffic mess.

I looked in my rearview mirror and saw the little gray Subaru come flying over the Boise River northbound towards me. And as soon as our light turned green the lady in the left turn lane started to turn, the gray Subaru clipped her, took that car out. He almost lost control. I went ahead and went forward and he slid sideways towards me so I pulled over to get out of his way. He continued on Glenwood northbound towards State (Street)here. I followed him to try and get his plate number and by the time I could see his plate number he blew through this intersection and took out three more cars, said witness Chris Tucker.

One man has been taken into police custody. He was checked out by paramedics, then handcuffed and taken away to jail in a patrol car. Police tells the driver will be tested for driving under the influence.

At least two people were hurt and had to be transported to an area hospital.

Motorists should avoid the area, if possible. Traffic isbacked up. Tow trucksare on the scene working toremove thebadly damaged vehicles.

A crash reconstruction team is also on scene.

Traffic on State Street (Highway 44) is reduced to one lane in each direction.The left lane is blocked eastbound and the right lane is blocked for motorists in the westbound lanes.

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