PAYETTE COUNTY, Idaho- A former Payette County lieutenant is back in jail for a DUI.

Troy Sallee was arrested earlier this year for the same thing and now this time he's accused of causing an accident that sent a woman to the hospital.

The victim who was hit says the driver, former Lt. Troy Sallee, can not be above the law.

Days after the crash Crystal Yokom is still in the hospital and worried about her injuries.

We were on our way to the movies going through a green light, we had the green light, and I yelled: What is he doing? and then he hit us, victim Crystal Yokom said.

Prosecutors say Sallee, a 12-year veteran of the Payette County Sheriff's office, was behind the wheel of a car that struck Yokom and her daughter.

The family's only car was totaled. Yokom's child walked away with cuts and bruises but Crystal is immobile with broken ribs, a shattered ankle and lacerations all over.

Husband Tom stays by her bedside.

We've completely missed Christmas, had to spend it in the hospital instead of at home. It's been a very difficult time, husband Tom Yokom said. It's been very difficult it's really hard to see her suffer so much because of the carelessness of another.

Prosecutors have charged Sallee for DUI twice this year. The first was in October- a misdemeanor- and he pled guilty to it last week on December 21st.

But the next day, police arrested him again on DUI for crashing into Yokom at an intersection in Fruitland. Now, he's facing a more serious charge.

In this case when you cause great bodily injury while driving under the influence it automatically becomes a felony, Payette County Prosecutor Ann Marie Kelso said.

Yokom questions how a former police officer can make the choices he did.

Sallee is due back in court on January 5th. It's the same day doctors plan to do surgery to correct Crystal's ankle. He's at the Payette County jail on a $100,000 bond.

I'm glad he's sitting in a jail cell. As long as the victim is down, he needs to be down. He needs to see the consequences of his actions to me and my family, Crystal Yokom said. I want to make sure something is actually done and he's not out there hurting somebody else.

Crystal is not expected to make a full recovery for another 4 to 6 months.

The Yokoms say they've talked to the prosecutor about holding Sallee responsible for their medical expenses.

The prosecutor says she personally knows Sallee, but that will not affect how she does her job.

We called Sallee's attorney for comment, but he did not get back to us.

Sallee resigned from the Sheriff's office in October after the first DUI arrest.

At that time Payette County Sheriff Chad Huff sent us a statement. In it, he said Sallee was a trusted administrator and had worked for the Payette County Sheriff's Office for many years. With this being said Sallee is not above the law and will be held accountable for his actions.

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