CALDWELL-- The family of a man shot and killed in a confrontation with Caldwell Police is speaking out, and police are telling us more about what led officers to open fireWednesday night.

Investigators identified the man killed as 40-year-old David Banda.

He diedafter Caldwell Police attempted to serve a search warrant at his girlfriend s house.

Police used a loud speaker toget Banda to come out of this home, because they had reason to believe he was armed.

When he came out police saw he had a gun and then shortly after they opened fire.

We're in the early stages of this investigation. You need to understand this happened just a few hours ago, said Nampa Police Deputy Chief Craig Kingsbury.

According to witnesses, police first attempted to contact Banda at around2 p.m. Wednesday. Officers had an arrest warrant for a parole violation.

But it wasn't until much later when police got a warrant to go into the house.

Yesterday at 6:05 p.m. members of the Caldwell Police Department Tactical Response Team were attempting to serve an arrest warrant on David Valdez Banda, age 40, said Kingsbury.

Police suspect the home may have contained stolen firearms. Officers weren't taking any chances, so they called Banda out with a loud speaker.

Banda exited the front door of the residence with a handgun in his hand. He was ordered multiple times to put the gun on the ground. Banda refused to comply with these commands. Banda aggressed the officers which resulted in shots being fired by police. Banda died at the scene, said Kingsbury.

Banda's family tells us his girlfriend, her two children, and a babysitter was inside. They saw the whole incident unfold in front of their eyes.

Banda's sisterIrene Prieto says her brothermay have wanted police to kill him.

It could be that's what his intentions were. He was scared to go back to prison, she said.

Does this seem like suicide by police officer? asked NewsChannel 7.

It's too early to answer that, said Kingsbury.

This was a bad situation for us but it was worse for them, they lost a family member. I want to assure them that they will get answers when this is all done, said Caldwell Police Chief Chris Allgood.

David Banda's family believes he may have intended to commit what's called suicide by police. They say he had a fake weapon.

Police say they're still investigating many details of this incident.

They have not told us how many times Banda was shot, or how many officers were involved -- only that those officers are now on administrative leave.

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