BOISE - The 16-year-old boy behind the wheel of the car that hit and killed a prominent Boise cyclist will be charged with vehicular manslaughter. On Jun 11, 33-year-old Kevin Pavlis became the third cyclist in three weeks to die in a bicycle-versus-car accident.

Friday s announcement of charges on the way for the teen behind the wheel during the accident that resulted in Pavlis' death calms some of the anxiety cyclists have towards drivers.

We've seen a broad range of dialoge that this created, said Jeff Larsen who is the founder of the Community Bicycle Rides.

Jeff Larsen is the founder of Community Bicycle Rides in Boise. He didn't personally know Kevin Pavlis, he's only heard and read about him. He's also been involved in discussions about him.

We've seen a broad range of dialoge that this created. First of all, people were, it was a tragic set of events, and people were shocked, but I think after the shock wore off people decided, how do we take action? said Larsen.

Following Pavlis' death, the cycling community rallied together. Several discussions on several levels, all geared towards making the roads safer. Some looking beyond those three tragic deaths.

I see it as, you can pursue the full extent of the law in a single situation, but the best balance is to look across the system and find ways that promote safety broadly, said Larsen.

Those discussions made headway. Boise Mayor Dave Bieter put together a Cycling Task Force, they've presented findings to make the roadways safer for both cyclists and drivers.

Behind the scenes, prosecutors gathered evidence surrounding the accident on June 11th. Friday, Ada County Prosecutors announced that they have enough evidence to charge the 16-year-old boy behind the wheel at the time of the accident with Vehicular Manslaughter.

I think we have to allow the courts to do what they do best, and look at the circumstances, look at the evidence that's presented and the defense that's presented, and we have to trust them to make the best decisions, said Larsen

Larsen says that there will be some who feel that this charge will not be enough to serve the demand of justice.

I think it's better to do that then to try it in the court of public opinion. Let the evidence presented as to what occurred, and let an appropriate sentence be handed down, said Larsen

Official charges for the teen will be filed Monday in Ada County Juvenile Court. Once that happens there are several different things that could happen. Prosecuting Attorney Michael Anderson says the soonest he could be before a judge wouldn't be until Wednesday or Thursday.

Because the accused is a juvenile, the court proceedings will be closed to the public until he goes before a judge. At that point, the judge can decide to open the case or keep it closed to the public.

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