We first told you about the New Covenant Christian Center and its pastor Tony Morris in November.

In our investigation we revealed that Pastor Morris took hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans from people all over the country and failed to repay many of them - all while he lived in his million-dollar mansion.

This morning the pastor woke up to a different type of payback. He got a surprise wake-up call from King County's finest. They served a writ of execution on his home.


In laymen's terms: What was in the pastor's house was going to be put in a moving van to pay off a $200,000 debt.

"The sheriff is going to take the property and store it securely and then we will auction it off and sell it. The net proceeds will be applied to the judgment owed to our clients," said attorney Larry Glosser who is the attorney for Kirk Russell and his wife Lisa.

Russell received that $200,000 judgment against Morris after the pastor failed to repay a loan.

So out came the furniture, the big screen television, and the rugs. In fact, two vans were used to gather up the pastor's things.

But former church members are not the only ones who have lost money to Morris.

"We only gave him $20,000 to begin with and then the next weeks he asked for the other $30,000 and we trusted him," said Joanne Ryser of Idaho who won a $79,000 judgment against Morris. "I think I'm beyond the anger. I'm concerned other people are being taken by him."

About a half hour after the vans arrived, Pastor Morris sped off. He declined to speak with KING 5.

As the movers shut the doors on the truck, we learned that Pastor Morris had filed for bankruptcy.

So what does that mean?

It means all the stuff on the truck will still go to a secure site. Now the bankruptcy trustee will get in the game and determine what he wants to do with Pastor Morris's items.

When that happens, we will let you know.

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