Video: Free Money Friday for a pretty smart guy

Gary Wenet is a man of music and the mind.

The Seattle resident is a psychologist and a noted author. But on this day, Gary's going to learn something new.

We're about to tell him about $1200 he didn't even know about.

The father of two was totally surprised when we brought him the hefty check.

"I love it, I love it, I love it," Gary exclaimed.

The unclaimed funds span over 23 years, two different professions and seven separate accounts.

Most of the money came from utility deposits for telephone or cable services when he moved offices.

"$300 here, a couple hundred dollars there, it did add up!" he told me.

Gary's now a corporate consultant. He helps companies with leadership development.

He's a pretty smart guy, but Gary says having someone find this kind of cash blows even his mind.

"It's just fun to have found money," he said.

Gary's done well, but he wants his children to do better.

His face beams when bragging about Simon, a senior who's going to the University of Michigan in the fall.

Then there's Sophie, a high school freshman.

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And both will soon be receiving a surprise from dad.

I asked Gary if they were going to get any of his new-found cash.

"OK, funny that you should ask, but, yes, they are. But each one of them is going to benefit from this, but I hesitate to say how."

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