SEATTLE -- The Seattle man who was pepper-sprayed by a Westlake Center mall security guard during a protest he wasn t even involved in, says an apology isn t enough.

I m still just kind of confused, said 26-year-old Raymond Wilford.

Wilford said he passed a political protest while on his way to meet friends this past Saturday afternoon, when someone ran up to confront the group and apparently thought Wilford was with them.

I didn t even know what the protest was about, he said.

Images and video taken at the scene show what happened next as a Westlake security guard rushed in and tried to calm the situation with a canister of pepper spray.

He just sprayed me straight across my face. He never even looked at the other guy at all, said Wilford. I can take a lot of pain, but I have never felt anything like that in my life.

Seattle police are investigating the incident and say other people might have been sprayed.

Valor Security Services, which handles security at Westlake, says the guard was breaking up a fight and giving repeated warnings for those involved to calm down.

Please know these actions are never done without warning and careful consideration. It is always our goal to try to resolve all situations as peacefully as possible, Scott Born, a Valor spokesman, said in a statement.

I guess he felt like he was overpowered or something and I guess he thought I was part of the movement. So that was his way of taking charge, I guess, but he made a mistake - a big mistake, said Wilford.

He says he wants to speak with Westlake management before considering any legal action.

After several minutes in handcuffs, the guard released him, apologized and helped him clean out his eyes, but Wilford says the whole incident still stings.

Valor Security Services would not say whether the guard involved is still employed or was disciplined in any way for his actions.

Seattle police continue to investigate and have not made any arrests.

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