UPPER MARLBORO, Md. Two dozen people were rescued from a roller coaster ride at the Six Flags America amusement park in Maryland, according to Prince George's County Fire Department.

Fire officials responded as a train on the Joker's Jinx roller coaster at the park in Upper Marlboro, Md., stopped on the track Sunday, about 45 feet from the ground, said a spokesperson for Six Flags.

All 24 people on the ride were not hurt, a spokesperson for Six Flags said. Seven children and 17 adults were among those stuck on the ride, the fire department said.

A Six Flags America spokesman said in a statement that it is not yet clear what caused the ride to stop but that it has a computerized safety system that performed as it is designed to.

Assistant Fire Chief Paul Gomez said it would probably take a few hours to get the riders off the coaster and that the car the riders are in is currently sitting upright near the top of the ride.

Six Flags' website says the ride goes 60 miles per hour and goes upside down four times.

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