PATEROS, Wash. -- Okanogan County officials are hoping wildfire victims can forget about the hassle of cleanup work for a day of jamboree fun this Saturday in Pateros.

It's the 67th annual Apple Pie Jamboree! The festival is described as a big deal for the town of about 660 people. It's such a big deal, not even a wildfire will shut it down.

When you're eating apple pie together, it's going to be good, said jamboree president Tracy Miller.

The jamboree is a slice of small town Americana complete with eating competitions, basketball games, live music, and of course, pie.

We have the buttons, we have the prizes, said Miller. We have the park, we have the town. So, we're going to have the jamboree.

The jamboree was almost doomed this year. In fact, it was originally cancelled as flames rushed toward Pateros just 48 hours before the family fun was originally planned.

About 7 p.m., I finished baking the last of the 150 pies ... didn't really know anything was going on, said Miller. It was hot and windy and dark like it were midnight.

Burnt out homes were part of the aftermath, but three weeks later, cleanup progress is under way and Tracy finishes plans on a scaled-down version of the jamboree. With community pride on full display, this delayed festival may see a large turnout-- good news for those who benefit.

This is our thing, said Miller. It's our yearly party and we're able to fund so many of the youth activities from just the money we raise on that one weekend.

Jamboree festivities will be held throughout the day Saturday along the city's lakefront in downtown Pateros.

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