Sandy Scollard is a mother who never gave up hope, even if one of the most recent pictures she has of her daughter, Rebecca, is 25 years old.

It s just a tragedy to lose a child to drugs and alcohol who are trying to find their way back, Scollard said.

Sandy still hasn't watched news coverage of her daughter s death. The scene on First Hill Thursday afternoon was a graphic one, and not the way Sandy wants to remember her daughter.

She was a beautiful child, big heart, loved animals, Sandy said. She was doing a good thing for herself yesterday. It was all good yesterday.

In Rebecca's 42 years, she was no stranger to jail or rehab. She struggled with drugs and alcohol most of her adult life.

Her brother died a few years ago.

And she lost her dad, my husband, two and a half years ago. All this set her back time and again, time and again, time and again, Sandy said.

Yesterday, Sandy says, her daughter walked out of jail and walked straight to court-ordered outpatient treatment at Harborview.

Rebecca was just yards from the front door when a CleanScapes garbage truck hit her.

I really felt at this point in her life that she was on the right track again, Sandy said.

Sandy spoke with Rebecca for the last time from jail 3 weeks ago. She had been clean and sober for 5 months, and said, this time would be different.

She d start a new life. For Sandy, that makes the ending even more heartbreaking.

It s a tragedy in the sense that she was at the wrong place in the split second at the wrong time on her way to doing something good for her life, she said.

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