While the debate in real life and on social media will never end, the debate is over on your gaming console.

Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman is the best cornerback in the game, at least according to the ratings on the new Madden NFL 15 game released Thursday.

Sherman comes in at the maximum 99 overall rating. He s also ranked highest in these sub-categories:

- Man coverage (98)

- Catching (82)

- Strength (72)

He s ranked second in these sub-categories:

- Jumping (98)

- Zone coverage (96)

- Agility (96)

- Pay Recognition (95)

- Awareness (94)

Second place goes to Darrelle Revis (97 overall) of the New England Patriots. Third is Joe Haden (95) of the Cleveland Browns followed by Patrick Peterson (93) of the Arizona Cardinals and Vontae Davis (92) of the Indianapolis Colts.

The ratings for free safety and strong safety have not been released, yet. But you can bet Seahawks Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor will be in those top 5.

Russell Wilson (93) is ranked the fourth-best quarterback on Madden and Marshawn Lynch (95) is rated the fifth-best running back.

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