TACOMA, Wash. -- The Pierce County Council chambers will soon display the national motto In God We Trust.

The controversial resolution to make the Pierce County Council chambers the first public place in Washington to display In God We Trust was approved by the council Tuesday night.

Supported by Councilman Jim McCune, the resolution asks to place the inspiring slogan with words that are a profound source of strength and guidance prominently in the chambers.

'In God We Trust'is universal, McCune said after the 4-3 vote, It's a statement used all over the world. It's not alienating anybodyout.

Tuesday's council meeting featured a lively debate over the place of the motto in a government setting, given it's reference to God.

Council members Connie Ladenburg and Rick Talbert introduced several late amendments they admitted were designed to showcase the absurdity of the discussion. They failed.

One late change that would include E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one) in the display was approved.

But Talbert took McCune to task for proposing this resolution in the first place.

Ibelieve this is a calculated effort on (McCune's) part to impose his religious beliefs on the people on Pierce County, said Talbert.

It's not going to be religious at all, responded McCune after the hearing, Ithink it was a good debate.

When installed, Pierce County will become the first municipality in Washington to display the national motto.

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