KING COUNTY, Wash. - Captain TedBoe with the King County Sheriff's Office said 'it is phenomenal no one was killed' after multiple guns and dozens of bullets were part of a violent scene in Skyway.

Inside the VFW building, people attended a meeting and received an update about the shooting that hurt six people in the early morninghours Sunday.

The gunfire happened just before 4 a.m. in the 12600 block of Renton Avenue South. Two groups of people fired shots at each other from across the street, according to Captain Boe.

At a tavern in Renton is where the problems started. It spilled over to an afterhours party here in Skyway, said Capt. Boe.

At the meeting a resident said, I'm very concerned that this is a targeted area where that stuff seems to be allowed.

Neighbors said there's been too much gun violence this summer. In this most recent case, no arrests have been made because no one is talking.

No one wants to make a formal statement or assist us in any way, shape or form, said Captain Boe.

Law enforcement reports an uptick in gun violence in May. The Sheriff's Office said it has increased patrols for the Skyway area.

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