SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash -- A Good Samaritan rescued a kitten left for dead inside a dumpster Sunday night in Spokane Valley. On Monday, KREM 2 On Your Side helped him clear-up a misunderstanding with SCRAPS so the kitten can be adopted.

A Good Samaritan, Taylor McLucas, heard the kitten crying when he was taking out his trash. He found it, wrapped in three plastic grocery bags and left to die, inside a dumpster at an apartment complex on Trent Avenue.

McLucas said he was baffled and still in shock on Monday.

There s nothing worse at all, he said. They can t even speak for themselves. I m not sure how someone would throw them in there.

McLucas said there were no other kittens in the dumpster, but the one he found was suffocating in the grocery bags. He spent the entire night cleaning her up and nursing her back to health.

In the morning, McLucas called local animal rescue organizations and was shocked by their responses. McLucas said SCRAPS told him they could not take the kitten because she was less than eight weeks old.

KREM 2 On Your Side contacted leaders at SCRAPS, who said McLucas was misinformed.

I think that there was a misunderstanding with our after -hours answering service, said Nancy Hill with SCRAPS. We take all stray cats and dogs.

McLucas said he did not care where the kitten ended up, but that he hoped that the rest of her life would be better than the beginning.

She s a pretty good little kitty, he said.

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