PORTLAND Two teens were arrested Monday for allegedly throwing pieces of bricks at passing bicyclists in Northeast Portland Sunday, injuring two people.

The attacks occurred in the area of Northeast 7th Avenue and Tillamook Street just after 1 a.m.

Adrian Richardson, 26, of Northeast Portland, was struck in the face and had to be hospitalized, police said. Another victim, Jonathan Garris, 52, of Northeast Portland, was hit on his leg.

A third victim, Peter Buri, 27, of North Portland, had a brick thrown at him but was not hurt, police said.

Richardson says he feels fairly lucky to have only eight stitches to close cuts on his eyebrow and under his eye. He says he had a few scary days when he couldn t see through the blood that clogged his eye, but is now relieved his sight is back and he has no concussion, though he does have a head injury.

Richardson says the attack caught him totally off guard. He had no idea the brick was coming. He caught a quick glimpse of two people standing on the sidewalk in hoods. Then he was hit in the face.

It was weird. My first thought was I d been hit by a snowball because that s what people throw at each other, remembered Richardson. Then blood started running down my face real fast. I got to a safe place and then called 911. He was surprised it didn t knock him off his bike.

Richardson says the first question he had for police at the hospital was what hit me? That s when he learned it was a brick and he wasn t the only victim.

The avid biker says he has no idea why he was targeted by two teens he s never seen before, and say he really doesn t want to talk to them about what happened.

Richardson says the attack will not dampen his desire to ride his bike, which is his main transportation, recreation and hobby. He s a competitive bike racer, and looks forward to getting back to that once he heals from his injuries.

After getting a description of the attackers, police arrested Marquise Murphy and Robert Hudgens, both 15, along Northeast Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

This is one of those cases that really resonates with the cyclist community, said Sgt. Pete Simpson with the Portland Police Bureau. People are just riding their bikes home and this happens. It's pretty scary.

The teens were charged with assault and police released their names because they face Measure 11 crimes. Both were lodged at the Donald E. Long Juvenile Detention Home. Anyone with additional information that could help investigators was urged to contact detective Jeff Sharp at (503) 823-9773 or send him an email.


David Northfield and Cheryl Calm contributed to this report

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