PORTLAND -- Crews rescued a woman and a dog trapped in a deep sinkhole in Southeast Portland on Tuesday night.

Fire fighters said the woman fell into a sinkhole about six feet wide and 20 feet deep at 2723 SE 38th Avenue.

At approximately 7:15 p.m. a man taking a walk heard a woman screaming for help. He followed her cries and discovered her underground in a backyard, according to crews.

The woman had been looking for her dog when she fell in.

A heavy rescue unit arrived and pulled the woman and her dog from the hole.

Crews said it's possible that the sinkhole had been there for years and had been covered up or that it developed due to recent torrential rains.

The woman was examined by paramedics and had no major injuries.

They [fire fighters] were actually able to lower a ladder down and get her out, said Rich Chatman of Portland Fire & Rescue. Prior to that, they were able to lower a rope down to the dog and brought up dog. It sounds like dog went in first.

Fire fighters secured the hole until the homeowners can decide how to take care of it.

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