It is my worst bad mommy moment so far. I lifted my chunky 10 month old daughter into her high chair, snapped on the tray table with her favorite food and then turned to walk away. Seconds later a crash, boom, and blood curdling squeal. The result was two broken legs before she d even put them to good use, and a load of guilt I can t even describe. Had I taken the time to strap her into her high chair, instead of trusting the tray table to do a job it wasn t intended to do, my little butter ball would not be sprawled on the floor in this awful pain.

Doctors are seeing an increase in high chair injuries, up 22 percent over the past decade. Head injuries account for most of that increase. A study published in the journal, Clinical Pediatrics found Emergency Rooms treated an average of 9400 high chair related injuries each year. Most of the children were injured falling out of their high chair.

The best advice from doctors and from me, strap your child in! In case you re wondering, that 10 month old with the two broken legs is now eight and a half, and running, jumping, and climbing to her heart s content.

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