TROUTDALE, Ore. (AP) -- Police will tell you the jump in the river escape hardly ever works -- and that proved true for a young woman driving a stolen car in the east Portland suburb of Troutdale.

On Thursday, KGWobtained video of the chase and the suspect jumping from the bridge from Troutdale police.

Troutdale police spokesperson Carey Kaer says an officer who tried to stop a Ford Taurus on Wednesday for a minor traffic violation checked the car's registration and found out it was stolen. The car didn't stop but sped off with officers in pursuit. At the Stark Street Bridge over the Sandy River, the driver got out of the moving car and jumped into the water.

Kaer says 26-year-old Rebecca Humphries was eventually pulled from the river and taken to a hospital with minor injuries. Police said she was cited for investigation for numerous traffic crimes.

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