PORTLAND -- Three Aloha businesses were smashed into, and Washington County Sheriff's deputies are worried it's the same burglar they've been after for weeks.

Alarms started going off around 5:30 a.m. at Factory Motorparts on Southwest Shaw Road in Aloha. No one was there when deputies arrived, but they said someone reversed a car so hard into the business' roll-up door, that it ripped it from the hinges.

Managers tell NewsChannel 8 the person seemed to know right where the cash drawer was, and made off with only a little bit of money.

Before that, the burglar used a rock to smash the door of Indoor Hydroponics on Southwest 185th Avenue to run in and get cash. That rock was almost strong enough to get through a Mexican market around the corner, but the glass didn't completely break before the alarm started going off and scared the thief away.

It's the same way someone broke into three Forest Grove businesses early Black Friday morning in November. That person used something to break glass doors, then ran in and out with cash from the registers.

Two downtown Hillsboro small businesses were also hit the same way that day.

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It's not uncommon for somebody to steal things to either sell or get cash for whatever reason, but drugs is definitely one of the things they're needing to buy, said Sgt. Bob Ray of the Washington County Sheriff's Department. My guess is the person is getting very little cash, if any, so the desperation level goes up so this is disturbing to investigators.

Police are comparing surveillance video from the November break-ins to these new ones to determine if it's the same person.

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