PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber announced Monday that he will run for an unprecedented fourth term as governor.

In 2010 Kitzhaber made history as the first person ever to serve a third term as Governor of the state after being out of office for eight years.

The Gov. spoke about his progress in the areas of economic development, education and health care.

By the end of October, Kitzhaber's campaign had already reported contributions of nearly $232,000 in 2013. He matched the amount he raised in all of 2012 by this Oct. 30.

Kitzhaber: We've shown it's possible to work together across partisanship here in Oregon. Nina Mehlhaf (@NinaMehlhaf) December 9, 2013

Nike and Comcast have each contributed $10,000 to the Democrat's campaign. He's received 12 other contributions of at least $5,000, including from Portland General Electric employees, PacifiCorp and several attorneys and business executives.

He has nearly $140,000 in the bank, according to campaign finance disclosures to the state of Oregon.

Kitzhaber says he expects the rocky rollout of Cover Oregon will be used by opponents in campaign and he's prepared Nina Mehlhaf (@NinaMehlhaf) December 9, 2013

Kitzhaber narrowly beat Republican Chris Dudley in 2010, beginning an unprecedented third term after eight years out of office. He's widely expected to face a much easier race in 2014. With a tea-party fueled wave of support for the GOP, 2010 was one of the toughest years in memory for Democrats.

Republicans Dennis Richardson, a state representative from Central Point, and Jon Justesen, a rancher from Eastern Oregon, have announced plans to challenge him in 2014. Richardson has raised $135,000, including $20,000 from Stimson Lumber, and Justesen has collected $40,000.

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