Don Aylesworth watched as a car hit his wife, and then took off down the street. Now he's asking for the public's help finding the driver.

The hit-and-run happened in Seattle's Ravenna neighborhood Thursday afternoon, at the intersection of Northeast 55th Street near 28th Avenue Northeast.

It's one of the most horrendous things I've seen in my life, said Don Aylesworth. The sound, I can still hear. It was terrifying.

Thursday afternoon, Don Aylesworth was with his wife coming home from the grocery store. They were crossing 55th at the intersection, but they were not in a crosswalk. The car was driving westbound.

By the time I hollered car, she was in the air, doing a 360, up in the air 360, and went into the windshield, said Aylesworth.

Susan Aylesworth, 58, has two broken legs, a broken pelvis, and a brain injury. She is conscious but her family says the accident impacted her cognitive abilities. She does not remember what happened.

Susan's son says compounding her injuries, are some nagging questions that remain unanswered.

Who is this person that struck my mother? Why did they drive off? asked Mike Aylesworth. Getting answers to these questions is like an open wound, we need to close the wound and recover.

Police have varying descriptions the car fleeing the scene. It could possibly be a tan or beige sedan. But Don Aylesworth is convinced it must have a broken windshield.

When I went to get her, to pick her up, to comfort her, there was a lot of pebbled glass like what you get from a broken windshield, he said. It was in her hair too so it had to come from a car.

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