CALDWELL -- For the first time we are seeing dramatic video of a semi truck as it crashed into a Caldwell business Monday and employees narrowly escaped with their lives.

Some of those employees shared their story with KTVB today.

The accident happened Monday afternoon in Caldwell near the Greenleaf exit along Interstate 84.

Caldwell Automotive remains closed after the accident due to concerns the building could collapse.

We met with owner Damon Finch Wednesday who showed us security video of the crash.

Two people were working in the shop when the semi slammed into the building. It's miracle that no one was hurt.

I come running through here and the truck was sitting here, it was sideways and it was just kind of jammed up to the corner there. When I come running out there was steam everywhere you couldn't see anything, said Finch.

The semi blew through the front of the building, barely missing a customer's car. Inside that car was an employee who was working his first day on the job. He was able to get out moments after the accident.

It took a little bit longer to get the semi driver out of his truck.

Emergency crews arrived on scene and pulled the semi out of the building, which has created some instability in the structure.

Finch calls this a freak accident and says it's hard to have hard feelings about this type of occurrence.

Insurance adjusters were on site Wednesday surveying the damage.

Finch plans to reopen, but the question remains - when and where?

He hopes to have the answers to soon.

Police cited the truck driver, 58-year-old Narciso Ferreira of Nampa, for failure to maintain his lane.

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