Three-month-old boxer Duncan Lou Who was born with severely deformed back legs. On Tuesday he had surgery to remove them and within hours was romping around, balanced on his FRONT legs.

Duncan came from Colorado to Panda Paws Rescue in Vancouver, Wash. over the weekend. Panda Paws takes in special needs dogs, gets medical care for them and finds adoptive homes.

Amanda Giese at Panda Paws says Duncan s severely deformed legs caused damage to his spine, and he would have ended up in excruciating pain without the surgery. (Read more below video)

On Tuesday Dr. Brandon Sherman removed Duncan s legs entirely from the hip sockets (Duncan was also neutered).

Amanda s daughter, 9-year-old Jade, read stories to the little pup to comfort him as he awoke from anesthesia. (Jade s goal is to be a veterinarian for a nonprofit.)

Hours after surgery, Duncan was playing and walking on his front legs, using his tail to help him balance.

He's happy, playful, pain-free, joyful and a normal puppy in every other way, Amanda says.

Amanda reassures people who are concerned about little Duncan.

He was elevating and carrying his bad back legs around so now, this is thousands times easier without the weight. It is LESS strain on his body and healthier for him in the long run, she said.

Duncan s recovery will take a few weeks and then he ll have about a month of physical therapy and hydrotherapy after that to help correct the contortion to his lower spine. He will then be fitted with a wheelchair.

To the people who think Duncan should have been put down, Amanda says despite his challenges, Duncan is as happy as any other dog she has taken in.

Euthanasia was not the answer, she said. It would have been the simple, quick answer but unless those individuals are the responsible party for Duncan, are a medical professional in the veterinary world with significant orthopedic experience or are here to personally witness this boy in every aspect opinions are just that. Some are just plain ignorant and then a large portion of those people are too closed-minded to want to educate themselves. I think that s their loss.

(Duncan) will continue to inspire and educate many. He will thrive and have a full, happy life. Many, many dogs live with two legs and with wheelchair assistance these days. Every one I've ever met has been happier than you could ever imagine. I encourage you to think outside the box; remain optimistic.

If you would like to donate towards Duncan's care you can do so at or mail it to:

Panda Paws Rescue
14300 NE 20th Avenue
Unit 163 STE D102

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