SPOKANE, Wash.-- Court records showed the mom who was hit by a vehicle Friday night near Monroe and Mansfield tested positive for methamphetamine at the hospital.

Sarah Burrows-Roberts, 25, was crossing the street with her two kids when a vehicle hit all three of them. The woman s five-year-old daughter, Elayna Burrows-Gust, later died from her injuries. The seven-year-old boy, Evan Burrows-Gust, was released from the hospital according to authorities.

Nurses told authorities that Burrows-Roberts tested positive for meth. Records showed police are now requesting a warrant for her urine and blood samples. Hospital officials said Burrows-Roberts was in serious condition as of Monday.

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Court documents show the mother could face second degree manslaughter charges.

KREM 2 News spoke with the husband of Burrows-Roberts. He said Burrows-Roberts is a good mom.

It's horrible. You know. Honestly, I m still in that state of mind that I don't believe it's true even though I'm sitting here, said Jerry Roberts.

Roberts is coping with the loss of his 5-year-old step-daughter and he is watching his wife fight for her life. He said the meth in Burrows-Roberts system was not enough to impair her.

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They low. They were very minor levels, said Roberts.

Law enforcement sources told KREM 2 News meth can stay in your system for days.

Child Protective Services employees also spoke with police about Burrows-Roberts. CPS had an active investigation into the mother involving domestic violence, neglect, drugs and alcohol.

Police called the incident an accident. However, the case is being investigated as second-degree manslaughter.

Witnesses told police that the family was not using the crosswalk when it happened. They added that the female driver was going a normal speed. Police estimated she was driving about 30 to 35 miles per hour. She told authorities that she never saw the family crossing the street and had no time to brake.

Roberts said he was told that 5-year-old Elayna Burrows-Gust was walking her dog when he darted into traffic. Roberts said the little girl followed.

I can t say what Elayna was thinking when she ran out in the road, she went for the dog, Sarah went to save her, said Roberts.

The driver has been cooperative throughout the investigation.

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