PORTLAND -- The one-eyed kitten with a disfigured jaw that become an Internet sensation after he was rescued in Troutdale is now helping his fellow felines.

Sir Stuffington and his two siblings were taken to the Multmonah County Animal Shelter on September 13 and then his foster mother made a Facebook page for him, which went viral.

Blazer Schaffer, who has been taking care of the kitten since he was 6 weeks old, thought it would be helpful to write about his progress on social media. That's why she created the Sir Stuffington Facebook page, which now has more than 42,000 likes and growing.

Since the page was created two weeks ago, officials at Multnomah County Animal Services said donations to cover costs of caring for other foster animals have totaled more than $3,000.

The shelter also created kitten care kits for foster parents who agree to take in the thousands of cats that come into the shelter each year. The kits include food, kitty litter, bottles for kittens that need them and medical supplies.

Visitors to the kitty's Facebook page can see more photos of Sir Stuffington and can learn how to help the shelter by volunteering, fostering or donating. They will also be able to find out when Sir Stuffington and his siblings will be available for adoption.

Professional photos of Sir Stuffington were also being used to raise money for animals in need. Proceeds will go into Multnomah County Animal Services' Dolly's Fund, which helps pay for extra medical care for animals that require it.

Viral cat tail

The story of Sir Stuffington went viral, getting picked up on websites including the Huffington Post and Mother Jones.

People like to see that story of fight and survival, Schaffer said.

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