NAMPA As we head into the first week of the government shutdown, leaders from both parties are suggesting it could continue for weeks.

That means thousands of federal workers will be out of a job, funding for multiple programs are being threatened, and state parks and national monuments are closed until further notice.

It also means that for students in Nampa High School s Travel Club, a trip of a lifetime to Washington D.C. is also going to be limited.

On the eve of an early morning flight, Nampa High School teacher Camille Levi is frantically packing.

I have never been and so I am excited, Camille Levi said.

On Wednesday at 4:30 in the morning, 11 students and two adults will meet at the Boise Airport to leave for their weeklong trip to the Eastern United States.

We have been planning this trip for about a year and a half, explained Camille Levi. And then today (Tuesday) the day before we leave, we hear that we could be affected quite a bit.

The members of Congress failed to pass a funding bill, and for the Travel Club that changes their plans to see some of D.C s most historic and influential buildings and attractions.

The students spend their weekends raising money, as well as learning about our nation s history.

It s kind of disappointing that everything kind of closed down, said 11th-grader Carlos Levi.

For a high school student like Camille Levi s 16-year-old son Carlos Levi, he admits not getting to tour the places he s learning about in school is disappointing.

Well I wanted to see the Smithsonian Museum, he tells KTVB. I thought that would have been really cool and taking a tour of the White House would have been really fun.

The Travel Club however is working closely with a travel agency who is finding last minute solutions for the trip, and Camille Levi also said, there is hope that Congress will come to an agreement before the trip is over.

We are still hopeful and excited about the trip, said Camille Levi. We think that maybe by the end of our trip we will have some openings and be able to participate in some of those places.

The club is also spending a few days in New York and those big attractions like the Statue of Liberty even Ground Zero will likely be closed.

On Tuesday, Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson authored legislation to immediately reopen the National Parks and museums in Washington D.C., but Democrats opposed the bill and it failed.

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