ARCO, Idaho -- After finding the body of one of the women lost hiking at Craters of the Moon on Wednesday night, county officials say the coroner prematurely identified the body as Dr. Jo Elliott-Blakeslee.

Now the coroner, with help from the state medical examiner, have used dental records to identify the body found as 69-year-old Amy Linkert, not Elliott-Blakeslee.

Search and rescue teams will continue to hunt for 63-year-old Dr. Jo Elliott-Blakeslee now, with the same resources that they thought they were using for Linkert.


Ground searchers reportedly worked ten feet apart in lines to scan the area on Thursday, but found no sign of Linkert.

Approximately 45 search and rescue personnel along with 6 dog teams are again scheduled to search the rugged area on Friday. Three search and rescue helicopters are expected to give aerial support.

Public information officer Tracy Weaver told KTVB search teams are being inserted via helicopter in different areas of the monument on Friday. Weaver also noted that two experienced cavers are assisting in the hunt.

They'll be combing one of Idaho's most unforgiving landscapes. The monument consists of more than 1,100 miles of jagged lava flow, volcanic cinder cones, and lava tubes. More than 300 known caves are mapped within its boundaries. Thousands more potentially exist.

In comparison, searchers were only able to cover about three-square miles on Thursday. Weaver says that's because the lava flow contains innumerable overhangs and pockets.

It's super difficult, Weaver said. If she is sheltered in a cave somewhere or even an overhang, they're not going to see it from a helicopter.

Weaver says below-freezing temperatures, rain, and snow hampered search efforts for Elliott-Blakeslee throughout Thursday. She told KTVB that Friday's efforts would refocus on a section of the monument south of the popular Tree Molds Trail.

Amy Linkert, 69, and her 63-year-old friend Jo Elliott-Blakeslee had planned a day hike in the national monument on Thursday September 19, according to the Butte County Sheriff's Office. The duo was reported missing after Elliott-Blakeslee failed to show up for work the following Monday.

Again, Linkert was found dead on Wednesday evening near a popular hiking area. An Idaho National Guard helicopter search team spotted her body from the air.

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