WASHOUGAL, Wash. -- Police are investigating a brazen case of animal cruelty in Washougal.

Witnesses called 911 just after noon last Friday to report that the driver of an SUV had intentionally run over a cat on the sidewalk near Hathaway Park.

The witnesses reported seeing a late model white Ford SUV with gray trim, similar to an Explorer or Expedition, speeding eastbound in the 2700 block of H Street in Washougal. They said the driver intentionally drove up on a curb and ran over a cat that had just crossed the road.

As they hit it, they yelled out the window: 'Hit it, hit it!' like that, like they were proud that they hit it and to let everyone else in the car know, said neighbor Cheyenne Boggioni. There were four boys in the car and nobody did anything to stop it. It's just sickening to me!

As the cat lay dying in the grass, the vehicle returned twice to look at it, said officer Kate Tierney with the Washougal Police Department.

Police are hoping the public will share tips to help them catch the suspects. The charges could include 1st degree animal cruelty, a Class Cfelony.

The four people inside the SUV were described as young men in their late teens.

I don't consider that to be any type of a prank, it's downright cruel. It's somebody's pet, said Washougal Police Chief Ron Mitchell.

Anyone with any information that may help investigators was urged to call the Washougal Police Department at 360-835-8701.

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