SPOKANE, Wash. -- This is not your grandmother s donut shop.

Dawn of the Donut opened Friday morning on North Division with pastries shaped like arms, coffins, and characters from various horror films.

Bakers had been there since 9 p.m. Thursday night getting ready for the grand opening.

We have our zombies right here, said Baker Gavin Michaels, first thing in the morning.

The store opened at 6 a.m. Friday.

PHOTOS: Tour Dawn of the Donut

Zombies have taken over pop culture in recent years thanks to popular TV shows and movies.

Staff at Dawn of the Donut cannot get enough of zombies so they decided to sell something that celebrates the theme - donuts.

They're something that will literally never die out, said employee Jay De Boer.

Their sign along North Division Street reads, Zombies inside, keep out. The decor inside reflects a crime scene created by the living dead.

We want to get involved in the community, be a part of Spokane, make this a tourist attraction, said De Boer.

Dawn of the Donut is located on the 3400 block of North Division near Bridgeport.

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