SEATTLE Seattle police say they ve hit the brakes on a moving truck heist.

On Wednesday, SWAT teams served a search warrant on a Maple Valley home, after police said a tip said they could be connected to at least one stolen moving truck case.

Police now believe four moving trucks have been stolen since New Year s Day. All were found empty, and within a few miles of the home.

They include a truck which was rented by Constance and Lloyd Trufant, for the Trufant Family Foundation Gala earlier this month. The truck was full of auction items. Their three sons all play football in the NFL.

Police returned some of the stolen items today.

You feel violated when someone takes your stuff man, said Lloyd Trufant.

Constance says the family continues to check Ebay and Craigslist to see if some of the items, like jewelry and signed footballs, turn up.

Police say they were led to the 43-year-old suspect after a witness unwittingly purchased stolen computer equipment from the suspect.

The four cases involved include the Trufant case, two other heists in Seattle, and another in Vancouver, Washington. Police are still trying to determine the extent of the theft and scheme.

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