CLINTON - It was a promotion party which ended with a demotion.

KING 5 News has learned a state ferry worker was demoted after bringingjello shots to the Clinton Ferry terminal last March.

The employee had just earned a supervisor promotion, and brought theconcoctions to celebrate. A tipster told State Ferry supervisors thattwo employees tried to distribute the shots.

WSDOT Human Resources code says workplace rules prohibit the manufacturing, dispensing, use, possession, distribution, or sale ofalcohol, unauthorized prescription drugs, controlled substances, ordrug paraphernalia at department facilities.

Once WSF management was notified,we immediately investigated the allegations. Upon conclusion of thatinvestigation the promotion offer was withdrawn on the basis thatbringing open liqueur to the work place exhibited extremely poorjudgment and did not exemplify appropriate supervisor behavior. Theemployee did not work as a terminal supervisor at any time. WSF has azero tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs in the workplace, saidWSF spokesperson Marta Coursey.

KING 5 did contact the demoted employee Thursday night. He wouldneither confirm nor deny he brought the jello shots to work, and wouldnot answer whether he, or any other state employee, consumed them atthe terminal while on the clock.
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