A dog who was found on the streets in terrible shape and then nursed back to health by his adoptive mom returned the favor by jumping on her while she slept to alert her that the house was on fire.

Elizabeth Huntington says on Monday night, Mowgli jumped on her, barking in her face to wake her up to alert her and her husband that the back part of their Burien house was on fire.

Mowgli is a special guy and he saved our lives last night, she said. If it wasn't for him who knows how this would have panned out.

Elizabeth and her husband, their two dogs, two cats and two rabbits, were able to escape the fire.

We are very lucky we caught it so fast, she said.

Elizabeth says their mud room/laundry room was damaged.

Mowgli, who is 10, came to Motley Zoo Animal Rescue nearly bald, with nails about two inches long and curled around, and smelling to high heaven of yeast.

Mowgli has severe allergies and is even allergic to cotton. He required bathing nearly every other day to keep down the yeast and secondary bacterial infections that are common with dogs who are bald and have severe allergies.

Elizabeth fostered Mowgli for six months and then decided to make him a permanent member of the household.

Mowgli is a schipperke, and has a very independent and strong personality.

Elizabeth says he's very attached to her.

He's my love and true joy! she Elizabeth. I nursed him back to health and in return he saved our lives.

If you'd like to help Elizabeth, you can mail donations to Motley Zoo at 23316 NE Redmond Fall City Rd #522, Redmond WA 98053. Write the word Mowgli on it and it will be given to the family.

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