OWYHEE COUNTY A 37-year-old man accused of killing his 35-year-old wife nearly a year ago went before an Owyhee County judge Tuesday.

37-year-old Rodney Bibbey is charged with murder in the first degree for the death of his wife, 35- year-old Trina Bibbey.

The judge issued no bail for Bibbey and set an arraignment date of April 12th.

Owyhee County prosecuting attorney Doug Emery said over the course of the last year, details came forward that gave police reason to believe Trina's death was planned.


Through a culmination of just a myriad of hours and investigation and hard work, ultimately this case was presented to the grand jury last week, said Emery.

Emery says the evidence implied that Trina Bibbey's Mercury Marquis did not accidentally fall on her while she was changing the oil back on April 4, 2012.

Instead, police believe Rodney released the jack supporting the car with the intent to kill her.

There was a jack expert who had expertise in hydraulic floor jacks, who had the opportunity to examine the jack in question, and found it was completely functional, said Emery.

Detectives also leveled another felony charge against Bibbey after the investigation concluded.


... It was discovered that in 2010, an allegation arose that the Bibbey propositioned a young girl to engage in inappropriate sex act, said Emery.

Neighbors told KTVB the couple has several children and that Trina was employed as a hair dresser at a Great Clips store in Boise.

(She) was liked and respected by many many people that she dealt with in a public setting, he said.

Bibbey requested to have a public defender assigned to his case, and is expected to enter a plea at his next court day.

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