BOISE -- The overnight snow made for a busy morning for Idaho State Police Sergeant Sam Ketchum.

The crashes started right at about 5:30 this morning, all the way from milepost 37 to all the way out to Mountain Home, said Ketchum.

Ketchum responded to numerous slide offs and rollovers on the interstate, due to what he says were people not adjusting to the conditions. Know that you have to slow down. Give yourself more time. Give yourself more following distance... It's the same thing we've been preaching all winter long, really.

Alex Hoffman was the driver in one of those rollover crashes, after he actually tried to slow down. That's when I lost control and headed into this ditch. That's when my car flipped... The last thing I remember saying to myself was, 'Here we go.'

Hoffman, like all others in crashes Saturday morning, escaped serious injury. He was wearing his seatbelt. I think ultimately, that's what ended up saving me today.

Slide offs, rollovers, accidents... those are some of the results of all the snow. Another one is a beautiful day of skiing up at Bogus Basin in deep powder. Ski and Snowboard School Director Jamie Zolber says around 8,000 people hit the slopes Saturday. That's right up there with one of our bigger days of the year.

It's welcome news for the non-profit that saw little snow and few skiers and boarders last season.

This is fantastic, said Zolber. We love it when we get some new snow. Five or six inches of snow is great. It brings people up out of the valley so they can come up and enjoy the mountain.

Some of those people were Kory and Teagan Smith. When asked what brought them up, Kory answered, The snow.

I've been wanting to snowboard, but it's been icy, Teagan said.

On the way, is more snow, which means, more big crowds at Bogus.

We'll definitely be back up, said Kory.

Back to the roads... troopers say conditions can change quickly, especially when you're climbing in elevation. Around the city, where plows are working, conditions can be great. However, it can be icy and slick just a few miles up the road. Ketchum says, that's part of what happened Saturday, toward Mountain Home.

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