PORT ANGELES, Wash. -- Three Port Angeles women plan to leave anonymous love letters around the city to give strangers an emotional boost.

Kristin Halberg, Mindy Aisling and Marie McCartney, all of Port Angeles, are life coaches who collaborate through a website called Thriving on the Olympic Peninsula.

When one of them heard of the We Need More Love Letters campaign that began in New York, they instantly felt compelled to bring it to their hometown.

I always find it amazing how much one little thing can change my mood in a day, said Aisling.

So the three women started writing love letters, not to their husbands, but to people they've never met. The letters of affirmation, that say things like you are beautiful and you deserve love, are left on store shelves, in bus shelters or under doormats.

The recipient doesn't know who sent the letter. The campaign has no agenda except to give someone a reason to smile.

It's not a planned out endeavor, just oh that looks like a good spot for a letter, I'll stick one there, said Halberg. The idea is to just get people together and spread some love and joy.

Just one week before Valentine's Day, it's clear their plan is working.

The project grew so big, so fast, the women invited anyone who wants to get involved to a 'letter writing party' Wednesday night at the local library.

Hopefully we'll have a crowd there, not just the three of us! , McCartney joked.

When four p.m. arrived, so did several dozen volunteers. They churned out dozens more love letters, which means more special deliveries throughout the city.

It's a lot of work, but Aisling says the motivation is everywhere.

The more I give, the more I keep getting, she said. That's the beauty of love.

The women say February was the perfect time to kick off the project, because of Valentine's Day. Their ultimate goal is to continue spreading love, year-round.


The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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